Participation within the Michigan Chapter community is what distinguishes CoreNet Global from other similar organizations. Participation through peer-to-peer networking, attendance at events, building new programs is how Michigan Chapter's members make the most out of their CoreNet Global membership. We strongly encourage all of our members to get involved and volunteer for any one of several committees that the Michigan Chapter oversees:

  • Programs & Education Committee: The Programs & Education Committee is responsible for developing and coordinating the monthly Michigan Chapter Programs, along with educational sessions in conjunction with CoreNet Global's Chapter Learning Program.  Co-Chairs Programs & Education:  Jim Becker; Michael Swales and Joel Hall

  • Sponsorship Committee: The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for generating sponsorship dollars to offset the cost of the Michigan Chapter events held throughout the year. 


  • Membership Committee: The Membership Committee is responsible for the retention and recruitment of members to CoreNet Global and the Michigan Chapter.  Emily Niewolak, V.P. Membership


  • Communications Committee: The Communications Committee is responsible for managing all Michigan Chapter communications, including quarterly newsletters and press releases. 


  • Western Operations:  Responsible for developing Programs, Educational and Networking Sessions for members and non-members located in Central and Western Michigan, complimenting the Programs in S.E. Michigan.  Drew Miller, V.P. Western Operations


  • Young Leaders:  Focuses on the Educational and Networking needs of real estate professions under the age of 35.  Our mission is to attract and retain future real estate leaders into the Michigan Chapter by creating programs designed to encourage young professionals to participate and become actively engaged in the real estate industry.  Hunter Conley, V.P. Young Leaders

Active members of the Michigan Chapter will tell you the networking relations and growth starts at the committee level. There are many opportunities to participate, so contact us and get started!